Dr. Ben Carson: Let’s Save our Healthcare

Obamacare isn’t working. We must put patients first and Save our Healthcare. Together, let’s ensure every candidate in 2014 knows where we stand.

Join us at http://www.SaveOurHealthcare.org.

8 Thoughts on “Dr. Ben Carson: Let’s Save our Healthcare

  1. David Brown on March 3, 2014 at 8:41 pm said:

    I went to the SaveOurHealthcare.org site, but I couldn’t find a copy of the petition. I would want to see the petition before signing. Please help. Thanks

    • Robert Macfarlane on June 4, 2014 at 7:21 pm said:

      You don’t need the whole petition to make up your mind. In a nutshell, the petition asks for your signature to repeal ObamaCare, or technically, the Afordable Health Care Act. It’s all about getting rid of Obama Care. They don’t want to tell you that because they hope you’re too dumb to know any better.

  2. George Bernhardt on March 5, 2014 at 5:26 pm said:

    I agree with you Dr. My wife works in the medical field, and we see how deprived this country is regarding our “Health Care”. We cannot let “Obama Care” pass. It was flawed from it’s inception! You have our attention and support. Let’s not let the government run our health care…., PLEASE!!!!

  3. As a physician myself, I believe in Dr. Carson, in his philosophy and his vision for a revitalized future for the American Dream. My issue is that there is no link which allows me to read the content of the actual petition.

    I have a problem lending my name and support for a carte blanche ‘petition’ that isn’t specified. I’m not sure that the actual text of the petition was intentionally or inadvertently not made available… but neither reason speaks well of the thoroughness of the project at hand. If you can include the actual content of the petition I would certainly consider lending my support.

    Thank you,

    Edward J. Drasby, D.O.

    The Parkinson’s Center of Maine

    @ Port City Neurology

  4. Rob Powell on March 15, 2014 at 10:22 am said:

    I have read the Affordable Healthcare Act- 2400 pages – still working on the 11,000 pages of regulations. I am a registered nurse of 20+ years and currently I am working on my MBA. This law and it’s regulations fundamentally limit future access to Healthcare and create a class system in Healthcare delivery. Thirty one percent of Physicians will not accept any new medicare patients. This number is growing – limiting patients access to doctors. For every $100 earned or bill by Physicians – they are reimbursed $20-$28 dollars by Medicare. Is it any wonder why Healthcare bills are padded and costs go up every year???? Obamacare also places moratoriums on expansions and opening new LTACS (Longterm Acute Care Hospitals)- in order to “save money”. These type of integrated limitations of access create waiting lists for healthcare – and waiting lists result in billions of dollars saved per year. If you doubt my assessment- look toward Canada for established examples.
    The fact is that Healthcare is not some abstract ideal or Human Right. A person has no more “right” to Healthcare that they do to “free” or in truth “taxpayer” funded plumbers to fix a dishwasher- or an even better example- legal advice from a lawyer. You would never see government dictating reimbursement or billing from attorneys.
    Healthcare is comprised of educated individuals – who specialize in a number of multi-disciplinary aspects of health maintenance and treatment of disease and injury. How is it anyones right to the learned skills of this community of individuals anymore than you should be expected to provide the skills of your chosen profession for free? With that being demonstrated- Healthcare is a privilege. Once you understand this- you will begin to see that under the Affordable Healthcare Act- the lower tier- government funded payment patients (Medicare, Medicaid)- will have waiting lists and other limits in access of care. Those with private or supplemental insurances will have better quality and greater access to care. And finally the wealthy – (like the elected leaders) will have the ultimate in luxury healthcare deliver.

  5. Luis Nunez on August 4, 2014 at 11:07 pm said:

    My young adults children live in my house, they can not find a full time job due to this law. This is a job killer, I hope it could be kill so we can live again.

  6. Ginger Walker on December 3, 2014 at 3:16 pm said:

    I too am not going to sign a petition until I know what it says and am not in favor of repealing the Affordable HealthCare Act until something better has been described – I would sign a petition for something better but not a carte blanche repeal of what little we have.

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