One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard

One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard

Discover the True Power of the Ballot. The vast majority of Americans feel that our nation is moving in the wrong direction, but we feel powerless to do anything about it. Maybe, that’s why in the presidential election of 2012, more people did not vote than voted for either candidate. We, the people, must realize we hold the power through our one vote. If we do not exercise that power, we have no right to complain! Continue Reading

A ‘We the People’ Moment For A ‘Can-Do’ Nation


Historically, during great cultural clashes, those with strong convictions and beliefs have overcome those with weak convictions, who have lost their identity. We are now involved in a worldwide conflict with forces that wish to destroy America and our way of life. We can capitulate to the forces of political correctness and surrender everything that made us strong and unique for the sake of not offending anyone, or we can proudly embrace the values and principles that made us great, honor our Constitution and place our trust in God. This is our best safeguard. Continue Reading

How To Keep Ebola Out Of America


The point is, this is an extremely dangerous disease with the potential to spread throughout several African countries and, subsequently, into other parts of the world, including the United States. Most crises prompt warnings which, if heeded and acted upon, can avert disaster. On the other hand, if arrogance and mistakes characterize the response, horrendous results are likely to ensue. Continue Reading

Overcoming Hardship To Survive & Thrive


We have heard much about the tragic events in Ferguson, Mo., during which a young man lost his life, a community became enraged, and many differing definitions of justice emerged. All human life is precious, and we should be concerned when any life is prematurely terminated, regardless of the circumstances. If we as a society could focus the same kind of attention on the everyday murderous carnage that threatens the vitality of many of our cities, perhaps some meaningful solutions could be found. Continue Reading

A Plea For Constitutional Literacy On Constitution Day


Let me be clear. Rightly sized and empowered, government serves an excellent purpose. Our Founding Fathers knew that and created a perfect vision for a republic of independent states protected and served by a central federal government with strong checks and balances. Those checks on powers were essential to the Framers, who wanted to make sure three equal but separate branches would ensure we always had a government “of the people, for the people and by the people,” as Abraham Lincoln once so wisely said. Continue Reading

Crime & Punishment with Compassion


Domestic violence must be dealt with at its root causes.

Undoubtedly, those on the left will say the abominable actions of Mr. Rice are being defended by Ben Carson, who thinks that domestic violence is not so bad. This is nothing more than their usual superficial, desperate attempts to diminish someone against whom they have no good arguments and are worried about. I would happily engage in a public debate with any of my left-wing critics on the issue of domestic violence, punishment and rehabilitation. We might even be able to reach some common ground and make progress if we stop using every opportunity to stoke the fires of hypersensitivity and division in our society. To even suggest that an intelligent person would defend the actions of Mr. Rice or blame his fiancee for the crime is beyond ludicrous. However, if there were not an appetite for such idiocy, it wouldn’t exist.
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