One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future

One Nation

  Dr. Ben Carson made headlines with his keynote at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013. Standing just a few feet from President Obama, the neurosurgeon offered a common sense critique of liberal government, calling for a return to our historic culture of personal responsibility, free markets, and upward mobility. The speech instantly went Continue Reading

Are You A Republican?

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In this 2 minute video I talk about whether or not I’m a republican or democrat.
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Health Savings Accounts Far Better Than Obamacare


The 5 percent of patients with complex pre-existing or acquired maladies would need to be taken care of through a different system, similar to Medicare and Medicaid, but informed by the many mistakes in those programs from which we can learn. Even this kind of system should have elements of personal responsibility woven into it. Continue Reading

The Wisdom Of Divided Government


This article and many others could be spent detailing all the instances that support the argument of executive branch overreach, but the truly important thing is to begin asking ourselves how can we re-establish a truly cooperative and harmonious balance of powers aimed not at the enhancement of one political party or the other, but rather at providing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the people. This is clearly what the people want, as indicated by their voting to put a liberal president in the White House and a conservative majority in the House of Representatives. The people of this country are not comfortable with runaway government in either direction. Continue Reading

Playing A Name Game With The Redskins


There is no indication that many in the Native American community are upset after decades of the team’s prominent and proud display of its mascot and name. This appears to be yet another case of purposefully induced hypersensitivity, providing yet another opportunity for unnecessary heavy-handed government tactics to infringe upon the peaceful existence of Americans. Continue Reading

As Long As U.S. Leaders Game The System, Illegals Will, Too


In 2012, the current administration made it clear that certain unaccompanied illegal minors would not be deported if caught. This helped create an atmosphere of tolerance that would be conducive to the current rash of illegal dumping of thousands of children from south of the border into the United States. Now we have a humanitarian crisis that appears to have been manufactured for political reasons. Continue Reading

The Myopia Of Mainstream Media


There is no question that a free, honest and unbiased press is a great asset to any free and fair society. A press characterized by integrity demands answers to hard questions from everyone, regardless of political affiliation. When the press chooses sides, it enables those on the selected side to ignore rules and conduct themselves as they please, having no one to whom they must answer. Of course, this assumes that the populace is largely asleep at the wheel and not demanding objectivity in the press. Continue Reading