One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future

One Nation

  Dr. Ben Carson made headlines with his keynote at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013. Standing just a few feet from President Obama, the neurosurgeon offered a common sense critique of liberal government, calling for a return to our historic culture of personal responsibility, free markets, and upward mobility. The speech instantly went Continue Reading

A Plea For Constitutional Literacy On Constitution Day


Let me be clear. Rightly sized and empowered, government serves an excellent purpose. Our Founding Fathers knew that and created a perfect vision for a republic of independent states protected and served by a central federal government with strong checks and balances. Those checks on powers were essential to the Framers, who wanted to make sure three equal but separate branches would ensure we always had a government “of the people, for the people and by the people,” as Abraham Lincoln once so wisely said. Continue Reading

Crime & Punishment with Compassion


Domestic violence must be dealt with at its root causes.

Undoubtedly, those on the left will say the abominable actions of Mr. Rice are being defended by Ben Carson, who thinks that domestic violence is not so bad. This is nothing more than their usual superficial, desperate attempts to diminish someone against whom they have no good arguments and are worried about. I would happily engage in a public debate with any of my left-wing critics on the issue of domestic violence, punishment and rehabilitation. We might even be able to reach some common ground and make progress if we stop using every opportunity to stoke the fires of hypersensitivity and division in our society. To even suggest that an intelligent person would defend the actions of Mr. Rice or blame his fiancee for the crime is beyond ludicrous. However, if there were not an appetite for such idiocy, it wouldn’t exist.
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Resisting The Islamic State’s Demand For Submission


In order to prevail in the war on terrorism, we must have an overall strategy, the goal of which is annihilation of the terrorists, as opposed to simply winning battles with them here and there. This means paying much more attention to military preparedness, both offensive and defensive. That means significantly increasing our covert operations, without blabbing to the world about what we will or will not do. It means cultivating strong and trusting relationships with our allies and never leaving them to worry about abandonment for political reasons. It means helping other countries in the region to realize that they, too, will soon be targets of the Islamic State, which will radically alter their comfortable lives. Continue Reading

Atheists Forgetting The Meaning Of Freedom


Some atheists argue that there should be a library or cachet of religious material at the check-in desk of a hotel from which any guest could order a Bible, Torah or Koran for their reading pleasure. No favoritism would be shown through such a system, and those who reject the idea of God would not have to be offended. This is like saying there shouldn’t be certain brands of bottled water in hotel rooms because there may be guests who prefer a different type of water or who are offended by bottled water and think that everybody should be drinking tap water. The logical answer to such absurdity would, of course, be that the offended individual could bring his own water or simply ignore the brand of water that he does not care for. Continue Reading

The Patriotism Of Prosperity


A few weeks ago, it was quite revealing — but not surprising — to hear Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew imply that corporate America should willingly pay the highest corporate-tax rates in the world as part of its “patriotic” duty. This kind of discourse demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of capitalism, which is an important component of American exceptionalism. Continue Reading

Bureaucratic Medicine: Malpractice Against Minorities


A range of measurements, from infant mortality rates to life expectancy, indicate that ethnic minorities are generally less healthy, and have less access to quality healthcare, than whites. This is particularly true of African-Americans. For example, according to the American Health Association, African-Americans are nearly twice as likely to have a first stroke and much more likely to die from one than whites. Continue Reading